Marketing Plan on a Page

Any marketing strategy or marketing plan initiative works to achieve something new: seizing a spark that can carve a pathway to greater sales success.

The first idea puts everything in motion, but the plan to follow can be the thing that propels it forward or holds it back. So we’ve combined the simplicity of cocktail napkin brainstorming with the utility of a marketing plan to provide you with a simple template to springboard your ideas into a starting-point strategy on a single piece of paper.

Download and use our Marketing Plan on a Page tool.

Download Marketing Plan on a Page

You can use this tool any way you want, but the process we recommend is as follows:

Step 1. Determine your top three sales and marketing goals. What do you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it? Be as specific as you can.

Step 2. Quickly jot down all the problems you solve for the clients that really love you. Stick with those who are most loyal to you, and that are most profitable to you.

Step 3. Given the problems you solve, write down who really needs you to solve this problem. Who is most likely to look for you, care about what makes you different and better, buy from you, and become a raving fan?

Step 4. Get clear on why your best customers work with you. What is it that makes you a more attractive choice than anyone else? Avoid generalizations like “great service.” What specifically do your customers want when they choose you over your competitors? What specifically keeps them coming back?

Step 5. There will always be obstacles and challenges that can hinder progress. Determine what is getting in your way, holding you back, or threatening your marketing and sales success.

Step 6. Now that you know your goals, who you need to reach, why they need you, and what’s getting in the way, it's time to consider the tactics and channels you need to deliver your message and build your brand.

The magic wand: What would it look like if you waved a magic wand and created the perfect solution to reaching your goals? If you could sum up success in one sentence, what would it be?

Moving beyond the starting block.

This can be a challenging exercise to do on yourself. You’re stuck inside the bubble. You’re also going to need more than this simple version when it’s time for budgeting, implementation and measuring success. If you need someone to bring a fresh perspective and help you get your plan off the ground, let us know: we’ve been helping our clients develop and implement successful marketing plans since 1998.